Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Went to the Farmer's Market last week, and besides getting organic greens, I also got organic goat cheese.
When I tried a sample, it had a strong taste and I wasn't too sure of it. The guy who sold it to me said it was decadent. That it was a dessert. I didn't believe him until a few days later when I actually tried it. 
With apricot and pecan, holy guacamole--he was right! 
I ate the whole thing by myself, and I am not ashamed. it's all gone now. 
One afternoon, we went to take family photographs, and we ended up being called on by the cops.
No, I kid. But one bitter old lady called her landlord and we were short of being escorted by a little old lady driving a Buick. Hilarious. What? It's not like we were doing something illegal horrible...just taking pictures.
None of the pictures came out good. The husband was rushing me. The kids uncooperative. And I have no shutter remote, which means lots of getting up and getting down into position. 
These four were the best ones. But I love how Jonah pinches his cheek because Andrew was doing it first.
Our weather lately has been like my moods. Gloomy & rainy or bright & hot. 
I enjoy this weather now though...
The 4 year old has been busily trying to begin to read. And I love his writing. When he makes an ugly letter, I look at him, give him the frown, and he promptly growls at me and forcefully erases it. 
We call it an ugly letter. And he knows better than to make one. 
Daddy has been leaving the iPad at home (he usually takes it to work with him), which is awesome because we can do part of our school on there too. Montessori apps and counting apps and building word apps. 
Pretty soon I will sign him up for his first year of Kindergarten *tears* I am enjoying my last year with him at home but I know he will enjoy Kindergarten so much more in a public school. 
I am willing to see what happens and we will go from there. 
If I feel like God is calling me to homeschool him, I will do it wholeheartedly again.
And the 2 year old? Well, this week I made him a race track on our carpet. Gave him stickers. Let him paint and color. Let him play with flour again, drew a mustache, did countless puzzles, gave him books and let him do online school (educational youtube videos and starfall). He's a mess of smartness. 
the boys do school in their chones {underwear}...i don't. i don't think i explained that well. 
We took the family out to somewhat recover from our workout that day, and also because we were going to see a possible new place to move into, that has lots more space! 
They are Dr. Pepper-holics, just like their father and ordered a Dr. Pepper.
And oh my gosh you guys!!! 
Been wanting to do a post full of Andrew's drawings, but every time I get some together, he makes 20 more!! Every day. It's ridiculous the amounts of paper he uses, he's on his third (small) sketchbook. And how wacky the kids imagination is!!! 
But my heart, oh, it fills up with love. So we keep all his drawings in his 'notebook' 
which essentially is all of his papers gathered with clips. That way we can keep adding and adding and adding...and you get the picture. This is not all of his drawings. 
The kid draws maps, quests, dreams, guns, swords, dragons, jumping shoes, other dimensions, words that don't make sense, essay-like scribbles that all start with "Dear God" when you ask him what it says and he begins his almost never-ending spiel of imaginative impossibilities. I love it. I love him. I don't love how these papers spewed all over our living room make me so crazy, my eye twitches sometimes.
And every once in a while, I'll log onto Pinterest and see what kid fun I'm missing out on.
This week was Octo-weenies! 
The boys loved them and I allowed them to play with their food, cause I rock.
Our neighbors have been coming outside to play 'baseball' in the evenings and guess who wants to butt in and play with them? Luckily, they really don't mind the boys running wild. 
I do, because I can't catch them with my camera. Ha! 
As for me and my craft this week? Husband's been making paper like crazy.
And I have been assembling sketchbooks and painting on our homemade paper. 
This week I will hopefully get a new shelf painted for the boys room. Frames painted and assembled and hung. I ordered a super cool print from Straw Castle Designs on etsy and can't wait to thrift a frame for that thing to hang up on my wall! I am starting a small art collection. I know my sister's jaw will drop when and ever she clicks on this. click on it. now.
Oooh Oooh! We also bought our first Bountiful Basket! It was like two laundry baskets full of vegetables.
It's awesome. Except I ran out of salad dressing for my salads and have been wondering what to do with those chilies. 
Thank you to my friend Brooke who totally let me in on this awesomeness.
the boys thought green cauliflower was broccoli. they said broccoli tasted weird and didn't eat it all.

Oh, and this picture below? That's me eating a mango from our basket. It was so tempting one morning, I didn't even bother to cut it up like we Mexicans do and sprinkle Tajin on it. I just ate it like a banana. And it was so good! But my face was not. So here's a funny picture. 
Have you ever eaten a mango like this? I bet Carl, my brother who often visits Brazil (he's there right now lucky man), does it like this...
Oh, did I forget something? Oh yeah! My flowers!
This time you were spared the flower/garden pictures. I felt like I was overwhelming the blog with them. But alas, my flowers and garden are doing fine, thank you for the concern!
just kiddin....added petunias to my family!
my new petunias. every time i say that, i am reminded of aunt petunia from harry potter. which i'm currently marathon-ing 
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