Monday, May 10, 2010

Scarborough Renaissance Fair

For mother's day, we made plans to celebrate 3 special occasions all together: Caren's 25th Birthday, my 26th Birthday, and Mother's Day.
We traveled 2 hours to Waxahachie and finally arrived to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival Fair. 

Quite immediately after arriving, we came upon the three French musketeers who were delighted to pose for a picture....they were funny.

Taking in the sights....

Andrew in his stroller, who didn't look too happy but cooperated well compared to the airshow

games galore, all for a price...nothing was free except the view and shows

Timothy joined us, as well as Natalie since Betsy's in Lebanon...

Mom made Carl put a Lord's hat on

these were the kind of weirdos people walking around the festival

neat shops

hand-made armor - for a price...

armor making demonstration

Natalie and Dawna trying on different headband/tiaras thingies

Birds of Prey presentation. Was super neat. 
They had owls, falcons, hawks, and a bald eagle...

Here's an example of how the hawk will capture prey

The bald-eagle

Beautiful Tia Cari with Andrew

Beautiful Tia Dawna with Andrew

"Uncle" Tim with Andrew where it was hard to get Andrew out of... 

Tim was a great babysitter...

Picture time with Moomie

Andrew kept finding sticks all over the ground...

Even the sales people liked Andrew and played with him

A lady, a knight, and a Scotsman

It was wild to see all these people dressed up so galanty!!!

they even danced...

dresses so elaborate!

Uncle John and Aunt Marie caught up with us and joined us too

the Maypole Dance that kids got to enjoy

"come on, MOVE James Ross!"

"wait just a minute Andrew!!!"

Moomie had to help James

Dawna got yellow

Look at the tangles they managed to make!!!

bellydancers! so beautiful!

Dawna ran into them while walking around the festival

llama ridin' time!!!

4 laps for $4....nothing's free at Scarborough!

$5 for 1 lap...these horses were SO beautiful!!!

James Ross got to try his hand at star-throwing

4 out of 10 - NOT BAD for one who has never tried it!

They had Highland Games right before The Joust

Presented to the kings and queens

they battled on the ground

a lady and her gorgeous horse
love those braids!

Andrew being a goober

he doesn't sit still well....

After the fair, we 'hiked' about 1 mile to our car where it was parked and ate some Tailgate Carrot Cake in honor of the birthdays and exchanged gifts. Then we all headed home, getting in at around 11pm...
We were sunburnt, tired and grimey with dust from the festival, but it was SO much fun!!!