Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goober Moments

Here are some pictures that I've taken this past month...just wanted to share.

Dawna with Andrew before my baby shower on the 16th...she's such a great aunt and babysitter!!!

caught him sitting in his blue chair reading his book

he loves this plastic headband that I have...he puts it on his head, over his eyes, on his waist, anywhere he can think of

being a goober with Daddy

Daddy being a goober for the camera (he's trying to pose like Andrew, Andrew's mesmerized by the TV)

my gorgeous 22 month old...

vacuum attachments as weapons - watch out!

ouch...sometimes he hurts himself without the intention

this is him
getting ready to go outside
I asked him where his diaper and his pants were...

LISTO, vamonos pa' fuera!