Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dyess Air Fest Pictures - May 1st

Since Nana and Papa decided to come visit us, it was MY idea to go to the Dyess Airforce base where they were having an air show that day. It was truly exciting and I'm glad we went. 
Of course it was free to the public and there were vendors and tons of airplanes around which meant lots of walking...but it was an interesting event.
We had a hard time with Andrew though. He kept being a butt-head and wouldn't cooperate mood-wise with Nana and Papa and it just made it plain embarrassing sometimes...
The other thing that didn't cooperate well with us (or anyone else for that matter) was the parking lot...
We were in line to get into the base for 45 minutes and waited 1.5 hours to get out of it. Yes, it was MY the time we got out, we were sunburned to a crisp, hungry as a homeless man, and in a bad mood...
Enough ranting, and onto pictures!

There were SOOOO many people there! When we first got there, we saw airplanes from different airforce bases and I really didn't know how much Gary cared to memorize what type each airplane was...but he knew them all. It really surprised me, and I of course still cannot remember ANY type of aircraft if my life depended on it. It must be a woman thing. After a while, these explosions were going off in the distance. It was a 're-enactment' of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and it was just neat to see it. Well, not in a "neat" sense of way of what happened, but the fact that they put this show together for the sake of the audience and memory of the event. I'll just go on to the next picture...

L to R: Gary trying to please Andrew, Nana with her rain jacket since when we got there it was supposed to rain, and Papa with his felt hat and sexy sandals.

We just could not please this little man. I think it was the fact that his nap got cut short. NEVER mess with a baby's nap time - NEVER.

Such a handsome little boy. 

The Thunderbirds.
They were sitting there all day. 

Taking a sip of his jugo to make him happy....

Inside a C-130 (and yes, I referenced Gary to tell me what the heck we entered...)

Sitting on the seats of the C-130

Picture with mommy

Love his hair in this one!!!

Cock-pit of the C-130

I've no idea what Gary's pointing to. All I know is that the battery was dying and I was quick in taking pictures which by the way, came out terrible because I had them on the wrong setting...crap!

If you squint your eyes and get 1 inch away from the monitor, you can see a tiny elongated speck on the TOP wing of the airplane...there was a lady riding in between and on top of the wings. Scared me to death to even imagine doing something like that even when strapped for safety.
Brave woman indeed.

These guys came out of an airplane...don't ask me what kind. They were just swooshing by with colored smoke coming from their feet...
It was neat to see them fly down, and the announcer said everyone's name right as they landed.

Seeeee??? See Jimmy and Gary with their mouths opened? I said it was neat! 

Pic time with daddy

Those are my boys!!!


The Thunderbirds performance! They did a lot of stunts that took my breath away and made me deaf...
It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y L-O-U-D!!!

...they were seriously very impressive!
Goofy looking family picture...  Got it!