Thursday, February 11, 2010


This morning, it was snowing for several straight hours and we managed to get about 4 inches of snow. At lunch time, we headed out to play in it. Andrew grabbed a stick, sat on the wet porch and played in the snow.
Oh, and also managed to lock ourselves out of the house, too. That was quite an adventurous morning. 
As you can hopefully not tell, I've messed with some of my pictures. I absolutely love Lightroom, but hate my camera. I've browsed through some professional photographers websites/blogs and it seems that saturation and some tint help with making my pictures a little better...still not convinced about the darker outer edges.
But here's my take on faux-finished professional photos :)
Note to family: To get them high-res and saved to your computer, you can go to the actual website (link all the way at the bottom) and click on the pictures. Save them by right-clicking, save image as, etc...
Andrew, after so many snow days we've had this year, is still reluctant to just get out and have fun in the snow...I guess he's still too little and have to wait for the pre-school/elementary stage.
Andrew sitting on the porch, getting his pants all wet. 
Poor cold buns! *Brrrr*
With a stick in hand...
Here he was getting whiny about being out in the cold and not being able to step in the snow.
p.s. I love this photo!
His itty-bitty footsteps in front of our house...

...wondering what to do next.
"ah! more snow!"
Snow prowling
Andrew & I