Wednesday, February 24, 2010

snow one day, sun shine the next...

I've been living in Texas for over 17 years and I am still so amazed at how weather in Texas can change from day to day!
Yesterday, we had freezing, four & a half inches of snow and today was sunny with chilly winds...
Here are pictures of Andrew playing outside. 
We've been inside for the past week because it's been too cold to go outside. This was heaven for this little adventurous boy...

Little cup to catch water coming off the roof...

He lost his balance and touched the wet ground with his fingers. 
He said "eeeewwww!!!"

Scooping up snow [and eating it]...

Pants were soaking!

"Eeewwww" Part II

Eating Sabritones on the back porch steps

Scooping snow from the playset into his Tonka truck

Some more snow scooping

All the snow that hadn't melted from the side of the house.

This was funny, but I wish I had caught it better with my camera :(
He grabbed a little frozen ice ball, stuck it in his mouth, and spit it back out.
You can see it somewhat at the bottom, middle caught in his jacket.
I guess it was too cold...

Taking a break with a sippy cup full of apple juice

"Ooohhh" pointing at a frozen, upside-down fly. Gross.

Checking out the back yard. Yesterday, this was all covered in white fluff.