Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fall Traditions 2016

Before it gets too late, I thought I would throw a post together with a few (a lot of) pictures that I enjoyed taking. 
Back in November, we traveled back to central Texas for a few days to visit our families. We stayed at both of our parents homes, went hunting, took pictures at the world's largest bottled soda, & had Thanksgivings with each of our families. It was a wonderful time....
I printed coloring pages beforehand, so that we could have a coloring table. I brought my colored pencils and a few of us colored them. Most were not interested in (like the guys & my own mother) but the pages did come out pretty good!
I have a whole load of these pictures but I wanted to show you this little sneak peek in front of Dublin's new Original soda from Dublin Bottling Works
We also jumped in front of the Dublin mural by the newspaper building
We watched Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and played games of kickball & tennis baseball. It's a thing. 
Gary had a totally not disappointing week hunting at his parents land. There will be some pictures at the bottom of this post of his kill, so if you're not into that, I suggest you stop scrolling early. 
The guys decided to compare racks & I thought it was a good moment to snap some pictures of this...
The boys went 'hunting' too. They hunted villains in their dreams and also their Nintendo DS. 
Elena & I were hanging out back at home while the boys went out to play. We were always happy when Daddy got back :) 
It was nice enough to play outside one day, so out we went! Sticks are always fun...
The boys live for collecting sticks & nuts & rocks & berries. Real foragers. Andrew though, once made me boil some wild beans from some plant to see if they were edible. 
They weren't. Not because you couldn't eat them, but because they tasted awful. Jonah packed 2 sticks in his suitcase because obviously he could never have enough. 
My boys were excited to see their cousins during our visit. They moved away during the summer and it's been nonstop begging about when we could go see them.

Ok folks, if you're queasy about hunting or if you are a liberal with animal cruelty beliefs, just stop right here...
Because we're from the country and the country folks do what they gotta do to. Shoot guns & kill your target.

Hey, you gotta put food on the table somehow.

Last warning!


Well, that's it. Hopefully you've enjoyed most of the pictures! I know I loved taking them. 

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