Thursday, September 10, 2015

summer days in the country

now that summer is over, looking at these pictures feels so sweet. my parents home in the country is always the best for the kids to play outside & take some lasting photographs. 
when andrew headed outside one morning, he put on his tia's boots to go check if there were any eggs to gather.  
so when i asked him to stop for a few pictures, naturally he pouted and whined. 
but elena? no way. she's ready for that shutter to click. with her cute little flamingo outfit, those little arms wrapped around her back and that smile, how can one resist? 
while her brothers pout and strain their smiles, this little girl is full of life....and mischief.
jonah then decided to put on his boots. he could barely walk, it was the cutest thing!
...and then little girl, as always, follows in his brothers footsteps. 
Elena & her cousin Leo always have a blast together...and their favorite? the trampoline...round and round they go. 
there was no pool this summer. so a cow's trough had to do. 
we visited my aunt & uncle in a nearby town. she delivered all three of my babies so she will always hold a special place in my heart.
they invited us to walk through their garden, and ate some delicious tomatoes & picked dried flowers. then the boys got all her toys out of the closet and played the heck out of her organ & piano. i think they were glad we were just visiting. 
jonah found her swing outside, he was so excited but couldn't swing himself just yet, so betsy came to help. 
moomie, though, is a favorite. she's always silly & fun. didn't get a chance to bake dessert this time around but maybe next time they'll make some pie or cake. the boys love "helping" moomie with chores. 

i definitely miss home. we are 5 hours away from them and with both boys in public school now, we only have little breaks in time to visit. i've seriously considered homeschooling so we could have more freedom to travel without my home, to mexico, to know?
a very cool homeschooling mama of 5, ashley, has been writing a blog for a few years and it keeps tugging at my heart to follow in similar footsteps.

we will see.

have a great week everyone!

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