Friday, September 18, 2015

Bayou Bend Gardens + clay

the bayou bend gardens invited us to spend an afternoon with them sculpting and playing with clay. 
it was really fun for me, but since it was only me & no gary, it was quite chaotic. 
the boys did impressions on air dry clay first...and i loved the texture of the acorn! but since it was 100 deg outside, the clay was so warm (almost melted) it couldn't keep any of the texture... 
a little while after, the real clay sculpting happened! it was a whirlwind and crazy trying to handle all three kids, sculpt my own little vase + the boys. This is the only picture I could take:
after those quick 30 minutes, we made our way outside where a lovely lady was making all kinds of clay pieces! the boys wanted to sit at the very front to watch her work. 
we went inside and goofed off in the A/C. Ohhhh the air was so nice. 
i loved how andrew took elena's hand. he is so sweet. and jonah is so proudly displaying his vase necklace he made. 
on our way home, i had to snap this picture of all three snoozing on each other! gosh darn it, the cuteness kills me! 
have a great weekend everyone! 

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ps. we tried to drink out of our handmade vases and andrew's held up pretty well! jonah had a few tiny holes though and it kept dripping sweet tea as he slurped it all gone. 
i still haven't bought paint to paint them, is there a special kind for air dry clay?