Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Angry Bird Birthday Party

we gathered family together to celebrate Andrew's birthday while we were in the country. with a big blue angry bird as a piƱata and special goodies inside instead of just candy...it made for a wonderful & simple party! 

after all the fun, we went inside for CAKE & GIFTS!
hard to realize he's 7 now; no longer a baby or a toddler or a pre-schooler. HE'S 7. 
in first grade, losing teeth, learning to read & tie his shoe laces. he can reach the faucet without a step stool and loves to start the van before we head out anywhere. and he runs incredibly fast.
he's an excellent brother, full of love and charisma. he still loves to cuddle, except now he's almost as long as me. he also loves dance parties like me. 
he bites his nails & eats his boogers like any other 7 year old boy. he loves the dirt & has a wild imagination full of robots & experiments.
he has a memory like an elephant. he is an info whiz at science & biology & math. he has the neatest handwriting that i have ever seen. 
he is my first born, my joy, my moon, my everything. 
i love you baby. forever + always.

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