Monday, September 21, 2015

one muggy afternoon

after the rains had stopped one afternoon, it became incredibly foggy. muggy. humid. and incredibly hot. that's the weather here in south texas north of houston.
but what did the boys want to do? go outside. which believe me, i was amazed. they would rather stay inside on a hot day. 
so i grabbed my camera and took advantage of our driveway adventures. 
me lens would fog up. apparently it's freezing cold in my house. i'd rather have it that way, too.
we still had a pile of crushed granite on our driveway from our patio remodel  and the kids absolutely cannot help themselves become a mess in that stuff. 
it drives me BA.NA.NAS. 
Elena is able to reach the ground now for the trike & the 'ziggle' but has way much more fun when someone pushes her...usually Jonah helps her out, but he was having too much fun with his bike speeding up and down the driveway.
he is my little speedracer. anything to beat the other guy. and the look on his face when someone is about to catch him? priceless.
meanwhile, poor little 'lena just has to watch them race by. just you wait, little girl. just you wait.
and a rare occurrence, prim actually let us take pictures of her! prim's trepidation always makes her so skiddish and accents her "bizques" (cross-eyed-ness). la pobre bizca. jijiji!
also, i apologize for all the underwear you had to see in this post. little girl is potty training so it just makes least to me... it's still summer and my kids don't wear clothes in the house, and apparently outside either. 

spiderman underwear & batman for the win! 

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