Thursday, May 14, 2015

for the drive-in this year - batmobile

every year at AWANA's they enjoy a drive-in movie night for all the clubbers. it is a competion where they get judged in different categories like "Thinking outside the box" or "Made for Speed". most kids compete and most parents help put their little cars or vehicles together. last year, i had a tiny newborn in my hands and the date approached without us having much of a plan.
2014 Sparky's Drive-In, Red car with Flames, NO AWARD
but this year, i was ready. i had the boxes for weeks and Andrew had picked what he wanted. paint was bought and there was a little boy ready to paint his batmobile.
this is not an original concept by any means, and i'm not sure why he picked it--he's not a fanatic. but batmobile was his choice of vehicle.
but hey, we had the costume and the willingness to actually score a medal this year so we got to work. it was a family project!
Gary began by piecing two boxes together and adding the 'wings' to the back end. instantly you could tell what it looked like, well, for comic nerds anyways...
then andrew painted it ALL black and made a mess everywhere. at this time, we also found out elena is not a good caged baby. 
but she sure is the cutest batbaby model ever!!! she couldn't wait to be allowed to fit inside! after it was put together and painted, it made its way up to my dining table. so i grabbed a couple of reference pics from the net and got to painting on the day of the competition (always a procrastinator).
i was extremely satisfied with the right side and then i realized i had just spent 4 hours on it!!! i looked at my watch and now i only had 2 more hours to do the entire back, front + right side.... oy vey!!!
i worked furiously and stopped snapchatting (what a timehog!) and simultaneously got everyone ready to leave for church.
and i'm going to insert a small PSA because i've got such badassery:
so i managed to finish painting the batmobile is beyond me, maybe they're just #momsuperpowers? 
then we took it outside to measure shoulder straps and do a quick photoshoot...
you really should have been there to laugh at us while we get that sucker in the car... it was so fun!!
but we made it to church in time! yay me! i might also harness a bit of The Flash's secret power if you really think about it.
my little guy was uber proud of his batmobile, everyone kept telling him how awesome it looked.
and the moment we waited all night to hear:
in the "Made for Speed" category, Andrew took 1st place!
oh he was so excited, just look at his face...
no, really he wasn't excited about the 500th picture, but he was SO excited he had won a medal!!!
all because his mommy loves him so much.
but next year, it's all you kid. 
gary said something about me being ridiculous...but i pay him no mind. 
and then we came home and not one kid touched it for two weeks. 
for two whole weeks it sat in my dining room! i had enough of it taking up space. i never heard a protest as i chunked it into my front yard where the boys had a feast day tearing it up with a hammer and saw.
all my hardwork, gone.
oh well. maybe my next batmobile will be a real one.
hope you enjoyed!
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