Wednesday, May 27, 2015


yes yes yes...i'm weeks late, but you know what? this is my pace. so just enjoy the colorful pics! 
i haven't decorated eggs since who knows when, it was actually more enjoyable in my head than i had made it out to be...i had forgotten it could actually be quite fun with the boys now that they're older and can contain their messes a bit better.
i tried doing the marbled egg look with shaving cream and food coloring, and it was a lovely + colorful disaster-- bonus that the eggs smelled really good too!

i totally enjoyed taking pics of Leo 'helping' Caren decorate her hard-earned eggs that she had been collecting for weeks. and by helping, i mean crushing. she didn't mind it at all which i thought was beautiful. it reminded me that i am too quick to get angered by the boys when they don't do things as they should be. 
'chillax, lynet. enjoy the moments and be silly' was my lesson learned....
finally we headed outside to take some pics and hunt!
the kiddos were more entertained by what was in the egg than looking at the camera. but you see that grass? it was truly that green.
Elena & Leo enjoyed those jelly beans to the max!
photographing all four cousins together was futile. especially with those eggs and 3 o'clock sun.
and then there was that nosy horse. he just kept sticking his nose anywhere he could...
and as soon as they all had their baskets, they were off!
i could easily tell Leo would be a pro at this...just a little instruction and he was an egg-picker champ.
the boys didn't need coaxing...they were so pumped about crushing 'cascarones' on people's heads
miss elena didn't know what to do...don't worry baby girl, you'll soon know why we do this.
in no time, people were getting smashed in the head.
nobody was safe.
eggs were crushed. ouches and tears were shed but smiles roamed abundantly.

and candy was enjoyed most of all by a certain little boy...
smiles were so cheesy and little bodies never stood still enough -- it was all too exciting!
crush every egg!!!
and finally, all eggs were found and crushed. all candy was eaten and it was time to call it an end...
scooter was being nosy again about the commotion. i think curiosity got the best of him because an egg was busted on his head too...
the next morning there are always a few eggs hiding from the grown-up hunt the night before. all the boys get up and go out to find the strays...and again, the crushing of the heads continue!!! 
until next year!
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