Monday, May 18, 2015

crazy for headbands

having a little girl after two boys, I didn't think I would go crazy for the girl stuff. well, i don't think i go craaazy, just a little excited. 
one thing that i didn't want to get out of hand were the headbands. i think some headbands and bows nowadays get a little obnoxious--especially the ones that are the size of the babe's head, you know? 
but it's all a matter of taste. if you love giant bows on your little girl, you go ahead and wear those giga-bows.
i just personally don't have space for such enormities in our shared bedroom/nursery. not to mention the eyerolls i would get from my husband....geeesh. 
so when elena was born, i picked out my first pack of headbands from walmart, and they were the cutest, smallest bows i have ever seen. 
over the months though, her headband collection has grown into fist fulls!!! i have my favorites too. i'm a little ashamed at how this obsession has come about but how can you resist this little girl?
 this one headband (also from walmart) always gets those awww's going wherever we go.
it's a rule that gary has learned (not) so well this past year: grab a headband when we go out that door. he's adapted as best as any dad could. 
it's a simple rule and i abide by it wholeheartedly. headbands must be worn to restaurants, ball fields, ball practices, playgrounds, movies, Hobby Lobby & such hobby stores, etc., etc. 
"why?" you ask? my answer is because. because i can and i can't stand the cuteness.
the struggle is real though. she'll take those things off when she can. no doubt they are tiresome after a while, which is fine. but she just finds other things to put on her head: towels, shirts, underwear, hats....and so on.
and remember what i was saying about gigantic bows? well, this giga-bow made its appearance once because it was a hand-me-down and it matched perfectly with the Day of the Dead onesie.
how can you resist this cute little babe?!
but that little rosebud headband? still everyone's favorite. 
 i've ordered several bows from etsy too. like this white leather bow from LaLapop Shop, and it goes with everything.
 and i've made my own with hobby lobby stuff like the one below---super easy if you have a hot glue gun.
but still, my favorites are the ones from walmart for only $2 or $3. can't beat that.
i was told that her head was perfect for headbands because it's gigantic and has minimal hair. it shows off head pieces even better! aww, my little model!
headbands + bows. just little fashion statements. they mean no harm.
she'll outgrow them and i'll put her hair into cute little pigtails and clips. or maybe she'll have messy hair and won't let me brush it. maybe she'll want to let it grow out into dreads like i once did. or she'll choose to dye it orange or pink like when she saw those old photographs of her mom with those crazy hues years + years ago. 
whatever she wants, it'll be okay.
or maybe she'll throw me in for a loop and keep her hair normal. i don't think i'll be ready for that...*just breathe, Lynet*
have a great week, everyone!!!
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