Friday, May 1, 2015

a truck as a backdrop + giant squirrel

in my last post, i kinda hinted about a blow-up that gary and i had during our spring break travels. it's kinda funny now, it was kinda silly then, but in the end, he obliged and turned the van around when i asked him to stop at a car shop with a vintage studebaker truck in the front parking lot.
i mean, it was pretty obvious is was supposed to be a photo backdrop. but gary doesn't understand the importance of taking pictures sometimes. 
but looky here! the pictures? oh, they're adorable and i'll forever treasure them.
in an attempt to embarrass jonah, andrew always tries to show his affection. by way of hugging or kissing, he always makes jonah push him away. 
it kinda reminds me of my sister and i. she would never eveeeerrrr let me hug her or kiss her. is it a weird relationship? maybe, but they're siblings. the kids will be alright. 
it's interior was so dilapidated and yuck, which was a definitely no from andrew when i asked him if he would get inside. 
jonah? fearless. that's my boy.
that day was so cloudy and not very pretty. the wind was blowing and these two goofballs were just being well, goofballs. perfect little quick photoshoot, if i say so myself.
oh and yeah. another sigh exited gary's breath upon the screeches i made when i saw this giant squirrel. 
what? like we'll ever see another one???! STOP THE CAR NOW! 
come on! it's funny! it's memorable! not to mention they had some delicious fudge :)
happy friday guys! hope you all have a blast!
ps. how is May already here? 
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