Saturday, January 10, 2015

christmas photos, finally

another year full of blessings and traditions, beginnings and ends. gosh, it was such a good year!
this is the final installment of christmas guys, i don't want to bore you anymore with stuff from 'so last year'! it's 2015 and let's start new! yes! but in a minute....
our family gets together christmas eve to make tamales. we've done it for years and this year, they were the best ones yet. tamales de rajas, de rojo, de todo! boy they were good! 
i helped a bit (really, a lot) and i reaped the benefits. i ate entirely way too many tamales. 
i think a couple of years ago we took a picture but with a missing sister. here we are again, but with a missing cousin (missing you Nat!) and by the way, look how grown up my little sis is (second from left)!!! 
this was our first christmas with all the babies born + together and i'm so happy we sat them down to document!
that whole day was so exhausting. never mind that because i still had to wrap the last of my gifts to the people i love, fill up stockings and pretend to be santa. unfortunately, we completely forgot to make cookies for the big guy, so scones had to do. i really hate scones. 
the sun wasn't even up on christmas and these guys could not contain their excitement about their gifts from good ol' st. nick. tenkai knights for andrew and big huge monster truck legos for jonah.
told y'all i gifted photos this year :) 
the husband managed to surprise me with a new lens this year. it was pretty amazing actually. i mean, since i sent him the link where to purchase it ;) 
christmas gets pretty boring in previous years...but this year, the boys spent the entire day playing with their legos and being outdoors since it was such a beautiful day.
there's always something fun to do at moomies. we also went to watch dreamworks' Penguins of Madagascar. it was hilarious. 
and these sweet pictures, i managed to take while my nephew was still with us. i will always cherish these! 
you guys, elena does not like moomie. this is what she does when moomie carries her: all day long. it's pitiful really. by the end of our vacation there, she did fine with my mom. no more screaming, but oh lord!
don't fear mom, it's phase. she has to love you. 
and that's the end of that! onto new beginnings now! 

i've been binge watching Call the Midwife (and crying every.single.episide) and finishing up projects around the house because enough is enough! 
we have been making plans on what to do this year like planning a family vacation during hubby's only true vacation: spring break. 
house plans and budgeting our projects by prioritizing (anyone have any good advice on this? i feel so scatter brained with this!)
and elena's 1st birthday party next month, whaaaaat? yeah, 1st birthday--already almost here (freak out now!)
and we've been talking about where to take our handmade store: Shop Witty next.
we also want to hop back on our diet, since we fell off it so hard during the holidays and hopefully keep on the journey of tightening up! 
what plans have you got going around your head?! 

have a great week everyone! 

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