Thursday, January 1, 2015

ugly christmas sweater 2014

Last year and the year before that, I have made an ugly Christmas sweater for my husband. He is usually pretty silly at events like this at the school, so he is total game for an ugly sweater contest. 
I don't remember posting last years sweater because it was an 'epic fail' according to Gary-- he claims I made his sweater too pretty (and I may have) and that's why he lost--but I still dig it. I wear it around town, which I think I prove his point. 
But I digress. I went to my usual thrift shop and grabbed a few embarrassing ornaments and cheapie wreaths and holiday decor and such. I put it together and voila! The 2014 ugly sweater: 
Can you see that the elf made a comeback this year? He's so mischievous. 
Andrew had "The Polar Express Day" at his school and he was ever so excited about wearing his pajamas. I'm not sure if Gary won or not, but I loved the sweater anyway. I wear this one around town, too. 
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