Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Cut Boys Hair....the sneaky way

You know what summer means? Haircuts! And for two lucky boys, that's just what happened one Sunday evening. 
The boys 'winter' hair had gotten sooo unmanageable and although everyone said they loved their hair, it was just time. So without warning, without mentioning the word 'haircut', I told them I needed a few pictures of them together. And they {sorta} complied. 
Gary whisked Jonah upstairs first and began buzzing. I heard minimal shrieking while I occupied Andrew downstairs. I completely put my trust in my husband to handle the situation and then quickly changed my mind when I saw poor Jojo's face in the mirror after what Daddy had done to him! 
I think the only one happy about this was Daddy... I was still trying to believe if my husband had just done what he just did. But you know what? Hair grows.
After Jonah's butchering, I quickly called Andrew up without telling him what was about to happen... 
You might be asking why we decided to do this to them the way we did....well.... because we have had our fair share of tantrums with the boys about haircuts. 
They absolutely hate the hair that falls on their little body and capes are just futile. 
But I grabbed the scissors (not the clippers) and began working on Andrew's hair...I had hopes of styles like the ones on my Pinterest board, but seriously my boy just has a weird set of locks on his head. just like his mama. 
There was SO. MUCH. HAIR.
Luckily the shock only lasted a little while. They were good sports because they got to take a bath in the middle of the day. Not to mention, they got to do this to their daddy...
Now, they can't wait to 'shave off' Daddy's beard again. Ha! 
Have a great day guys! 
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