Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Houston Zoo during Spring Break

Houston Zoo during Spring Break might have not been the BEST idea, but, at least the kids enjoyed it.
I planned on bringing my sketchbook and handing the camera to Gary. I told him he was in charge of the pictures and the kids...{hehehe} so that I could sketch out some animals {something I love doing!}
But that didn't fare too well with a massive crowd gathered at the zoo. 
BUT first, because it was Thursday, we had to stop at a Buffalo Wild Wings for some wings!!!
Then came the game of "find a parking spot!" and then walk a mile to the actual zoo. 
It was good exercise! 
And we were thankful we didn't bring our wagon or stroller {on forgetful accident of course} because people could barely get around at the zoo because of the crowd. Who needs them anyway?!
The silliest animal award goes to: Jonathan the Lion.
And this was the only page that came out of me sketching at the zoo. 
A full day, ended with a super spicy meal at my sister-in-law's house. Oh goodness, we were tired! 
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