Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Yeah, it's totally a word. Camping IN a cabin is cabimping. It makes sense in this head.
We headed to South Texas for Spring Break last week. I was wanting to get away. You know, from city life? And I wanted to go camping but then I remember those horrific days of tent camping and then I was like, duh, research cabins! So we ended up at Palmetto State Park in Luling, Texas in what they call a limited cabin. But first I had to get packing and road tripping!!!  
 Messy but happy faces, and that's all that matters. 
 As soon as we arrived, 
...and we headed down a little pathway down to the San Marcos River which was a steep drop and was right next to our 'home'.
After getting my finger and my hat caught in the first cast, and after no bites {a little boy can only be patient for so long}, Jonah decided that... 
Our home consisted of
After fishing and unloading our car, we set off to explore the small park.

Andrew barely lets me take photographs of him. He is much too quick and always covers his face up.
But Jonah? Ohhh my little photograph monkey, he loves it.
Supper time arrived and we totally pioneered it....well, almost. 

And after a very uncomfortable first night, the sun came up and it told us so.

That day, we explored the park some more.
We realized we didn't bring enough firewood for Day 2, so we went into town looking to buy some.
Sight-seeing a Mexican eagle, historic places, real estate, etc.
In front of our park was a cluster of clay-roofed white buildings that looked abandoned. I totally asked Gary to see if we could go check it out as it was such a beautiful and promising site! The grounds were well kept, old and empty white hallways resembled those abandoned mental institutions that are haunted--
this was totally up my alley!

We couldn't get inside the buildings, but I swear it was so creepy I wanted come back during the night and totally get spooked--

We had to stop for ice cream along the way, too.
The boys practiced their independence by walking to the playground by themselves. I was a proud momma. 
I am not one to hover over them if I can help it. I plan on letting them be as independent as possible as long as we know where they are headed---what they do, is up to them. 
Andrew snapped this photo of us below,
Everything on the ground was bloomind, the trees however, were tall and dead. 
We counted 4 duck eggs and I found a very lonesome mushroom, so that made me happy!
Oh, the eye-candy! Textures, colors, breeze, creatures, FAMILY. 
This entire trip was full of appreciation and thankfulness that we can enjoy these things!
That morning, after another bad night's sleep, I decided to brave the cold and catch the sunrise. 
And I'm so glad I did. 
This spring break was great. With just a little planning, a little money, and a trusty car, we created memories for the boys, enjoyed family-time outside our house, and appreciated everything God created for us. 
Happy Hump Day everyone! 
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