Monday, March 4, 2013


wutwut. wut. wut.
hey guys. i got somethin' for ya. Have you guys heard the song Thrift Shop?
I'm O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this song...have you heard it? 
{Watch out people, this song is SOoo R-rated!}
Lucky for you, I found this clean edit to have your ears rocked right now. 
from Garrett Wesley Gibbons on Vimeo.
When I first heard this song, I was like whaaaat? What the heck is going on here.
So the husband looked up the lyrics, I looked up the band, and then it started consuming us. 
On my youtube videos, on my pandora, on my car's radio {I'm old school}
Not only are the guys singing it hot, but they could be the best geniuses of the 21st century!
Umm, hello? How many girls love to thrift nowadays? Counting me, about 3 billion others. 
So yeah, singing sensations + marketing geniuses + money savers = best song ever.
The husband and I say wutwut.WUT.WUT all day long.
I walk our thrift shops singing, "I look incredible..."
Just watch the video---I don't know how NOT to crack up at it. 
Not to mention, I can't stop dancing around my living room. 
One of my favorite video scenes
The deer sweatshirt? The broken keyboard? The batman footie? The Pro-Wing shoes?
Ohhh that song is so sweet. So silly.
I wish we could go see them in Austin during Spring Break but I just think a midnight showing + sold out tickets + 2 kids will prevent that from happening. 
I did watch them on SNL this past weekend and I think I just fell more in love with the guys...
Meanwhile, I'll leave you with the pictures of why you actually somewhat like this blog:
The boys usually like going to the 2 thrift shops we have near our home. They love the broken dirty toys and I love their books and art supplies.
At the thrift shop they had a broken guitar. So, I BOUGHT A BROKEN GUITAR. 
...and Andrew loved it until he found out it wouldn't play even after fresh batteries. So is the world of thrift shops, son. You'll get it someday. 
I'm gonna go 
later this week and post my come-ups. Have a great week! 
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PS. This post was not endorsed by the band or any thrift shop. This post was in honor of that song that makes my day, about 3 or 4 times a day!