Saturday, November 3, 2012

this is halloween, HALLOWEEN, halloween!

Ahh! Halloween is finally over.
I'm so glad. I got tired of seeing my faded bats, ghosts, and pumpkin outside. 
I don't want to sound cliche and shout, "I love this time of year!" I mean really, who doesn't? 
But just between me and you, I really love this time of year. Just don't tell anyone, though. 
But before Halloween ended, we made sure to keep crafting by painting some inexpensive wooden cutouts.
After 10 days of being asked when we would go Trick-or-treating, the day finally came. 
And guess who didn't want to wear their costumes come the 31st??? Oh they make me so mad sometimes, thank Heavens they're super cute and adorable. 
Once they saw Batgirl and got to eat snacks and make crafts at the local library, they were alright.
They were so excited to go Trick-or-treating with their cousins, we all walked around the neighborhood knocking on people's doors. 
The husband dressed up for school too! Danny Zuko from Grease.
I go BAN-A-NAS for Grease.
I had to settle down and keep my hands to myself, the man had to go to work!

And then he dressed up as a nerd the next day. =/
'It's alright babe, you can go on now and have a nice day.' I said to myself...
The boys and I went out to the park that day. Andrew exclaimed, "Now we get to have fun, Mom?"
Of course, dude. Run to your heart's content. 
I haven't had my camera with me at the park for so long, it was actually a treat for me. The lighting was amazing, we had Toy Story clouds all across the sky, no one was there--just us. It was nice. 
And then we visited Danny Zuko. And Andrew just had to have his vampire teeth.
You guys really deserve a close-up...
Before Halloween though, we had a two-month long date planned with an amazing artist that I actually met on Instagram. He works for this company called Dreamworks, not sure if you've heard of it? Sure I know other dudes in that same industry, but I never get to see them. I was excited I couldn't sleep the night before.
Gary and I traveled all the way up to Dallas to meet up with Caren and her beau so we could all head out to meet up with Zoro. Yeah, Zoro, the guy even has a cool name!!!
BUT, as always, we had to get ready. I always treasure such special times bonding over make-up and clothing and snapping pictures at my beautiful sister-- I love U. 
Finally we got ready. 
We met up with him at the Gaylord hotel -- super fancy that we can only look. The place is incredible.
Much more so during the holidays.
We had a good time, ate dinner at Mi Cocina and chilled at the bar. We later caught the movie "Sinister"--you know, because we all love a good scary movie {except Gary} only it wasn't scary and put us all to sleep. 
Oh and yeah, those are two movies he worked on. He is such a workaholic and an amazing inspiration.
Even though the movie was horrible, we had a great time. I was so happy to just see my sister. 
The guys at the bar with their gigantic sports screens in front of them they didn't know I was taking their picture--haha! 

I hope you all had a great Halloween.
This is how we roll....
And now we begin to brace ourselves for the super fast approaching holidays.
A lot of traveling, days off, colder weather {hopefully} and a new year await us!!!
Have any of you started a Christmas list yet? 
Am I crazy that I already have like 7 things listed on mine?
Have a great weekend!