Thursday, November 8, 2012

the tale of the pumpkin cookie

Seeing as how my FIRST POST for PUMPKIN PIE was truly pitiful, I decided to embark on a new recipe. 
As you can tell, I'm determined for my kids to enjoy pumpkin, especially during the holidays. 
So in Andrew's "I wanna make..." hype, I took advantage of it and enticed him with making some cookies. 
I got the recipe from genius creative mom, Dana at Dana Made It 
{where her pictures are way better than mine}
And always trying to preserve memories, I thank God for a shutter-delay setting. 
However, the lighting in this kitchen is horrible :) 
The kids loved mixing and stirring and cracking and tasting all the ingredients. 
From what I remember Andrew doesn't like the smell or look of vanilla, and Jonah likes to lick the sugar.
Once we were done dropping the cookies on the cookie sheet, I made the icing which I was sure that we would all love since it contains cream cheese. 
When we shopped for the ingredients, Andrew made sure to mention, "Mom, my tummy really likes cream cheese!" and rubbed his stomach like Winnie-the-Pooh and his honey.
Our first batch of cookies came out fantastic, I actually listened to my timer!!!
I'm telling you, I am determined for these kids to like pumpkin.
So of course, we had to try them, right? duh. 
sticky fingers and satisfied taste buds.
We have APPROVAL! 
p.s. I am taking a Sabbatical from my No-Sweets diet and will resume immediately tomorrow.