Wednesday, November 28, 2012

there's a lot to be thankful for

It was time to gather. Bring out the good silverware. And stuff our mouths with delicious foods.
I saw family and old friends that I haven't seen all year, seems the holidays brings us all together.
Our other Thanksgivings were full of props and Mater from Pixar, but this year, I guess with travel plans and who's going to whose house, it kinda put my decorating/event planning on the back burner.
This little pumpkin basket, a tiny scarecrow on a stick, and a sign were about the only decorations present.

And I gave thanks indeed. HE IS GOOD. 
While the children played, adults chatted and laughed and caught up...
and some girls, got made-up 
Our feast consisted of sweet potatoes, salads, cranberry sauce, dressings, pastas, ham and a yummo turkey.
I didn't take much pictures. I was wanting to be IN the moment. Enjoying it.
Not worrying about aperture or light settings or who's mouth was full when I pressed the shutter button.
I was OH so thankful to finally see my midwife aunt who delivered both my babies, my life-long mentor crazy teacher and my vivacious grandmother {who makes some good ol' pe-can pies}. 
Oh, and see? There I am! My beautiful parents and my beautiful little family. I am so thankful for them too!
I'm thankful for my family.
Not the brother in blue, but the cute little boy on the left. 
...and this little boy ^ too...
And after eating it was time for some of us went to watch the Cowboys games and others wished they could nap. And still, others, visited again or played with some ponies and a game of Nertz {card game}.
Our two female cats had a terrible time adjusting to the cats at my mothers. Prim was definitely NOT happy.
Coco and Squirt are pictured :)
 ...and after a good meal, there's the Black Friday deals to go nuts over...
So off we went to get our stuff that we absolutely need. I almost died, guys.
I fondled some lady's boobs {by accident of course} and that was about as wild as I got.
This was about 4 minutes before 8 PM when the XBox games went on sale. I'm not ever standing in that area again.
Well, I did sprint across the store for some sheets. Then went home, slept for 4 hours and then did it again at 6am. Yes, I'm a nut. I am thankful for Black Friday {5th year in a row}.