Saturday, October 13, 2012

tea time at the witty's

I wish my computer was fixed so I could pay more attention my photos. It's been almost 3 months since I've used my beloved computer. That's not counting the months it was acting all quirky. 
And while the iPad is handy, it's a pain to transfer photos to. 
And while my laptop is easier to transfer photos to, it is really crappy slow. 
Subject switch to important, memorable and funny things...NOW. 
Every day, we await the arrival of Daddy. When he gets home, the kids just swarm to him and finally I have a moments peace. No more tugging on my leg. No more Mom LOOK AT THIS! Mom I'm talking to you cry cry hit punch rrppprr Mom I tooted! Mom I'm thirsty.
For those first moments when hubby enters he door, most nights I'm in the kitchen being a good wifey, my heart is full of joy because I hope {and deeply know} that our sons are making Daddy proud. 
That his heart is full of joy when they show him all they've done all day. 
And then they ask him to have some tea....
 In order for my sons to seem a little more manly, I rightly corrected the pictures to Black & White.
Otherwise, your screen would be blasted with pink, purple and turquoise plate-ware and utensils right now.
It's a pretty fancy time
The boys enjoyed their cheese and crackers and water.
I tried to show Andrew how to raise his pinky when drinking tea water, but he couldn't handle it. 
Get it? Handle it? :D