Thursday, October 18, 2012

my daily happiness

There are moments throughout the day that I enjoy the most--it's the ones that make me laugh.
I have been blessed with two goofy kids who crack me up constantly.

It's to the simple moments that make me smile and make me love them just a little bit more than what I already do that I am so thankful for.
Their imaginations and their creativity grow every single day. 
Their sense of independence suddenly turns against me because they don't need my help.
I love Andrew's and Prim's bond now. He loves her and just wants to pet and hold her all the time.
Any time lunch comes around, I ask Jonah what he would like to eat and he says "sanwich" or cereal.

And as always, he always takes 2-3 bites and is done. 

And Andrew suddenly has a fascination with showing his masticated food.
Jonah learns quick. Like I've said before, he's a copycat. If a cat plays in its toy, then why shouldn't Jonah?

And recently, our family has grown. Now we are parents to two stray cats.
Prim, you already know, and introducing, Rue.
Who completely won my anti-cat husband's heart.
Prim & Rue. Lovingly called Primscicle and Rue-ster.
We had a bit of a problem when we first brought Rue home, but after a week, they now play like they're best friends and Prim's claws have suddenly retracted towards the kids a lot.

Oh I love my little family, I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Now this is good parenting folks--my kid thought he would help me by washing dishes and using half the bottle of dish soap. WINNING!
Fall festivals are abound this time of year and were happy to get invited to the Elementary where the cousins attend. Obviously they had a blast. I loved watching their hearts fill with happiness and hair get matted down with sweat.
And who doesn't LOVE silly string?!

Like I said, these kids crack me up. 
My serious, muscley Spiderman and my little gun & weapon builder steal my heart.

Seriously, it's all she does. Except at night. She runs wild with Rue.

Jonah, taking after big brother, loves to turn upside down.
And this dude who is ALMOST camera shy, always surprises me with the sweetest of smiles when I least expect it.
That's what it's all about. That happiness.