Wednesday, October 10, 2012

copycat / copeon

I don't know if you've ever been around kids, if you have, then you'll know what I'm talking about. 
If you haven't, there's this game they play: what one kid does, the others must do too.
Kinda like our own society, you gotta do what the others do....well, if you are that type of person.
And this little dude down here, does just that....
That's right folks. We have a COPYCAT! (Un copeon!!!)
You name it, whatever Andrew does, Jonah must do too.
Play on the iPad. Pretend he's got school-work to do too. 
Paint with glitter. Paint with acrylics. Paint with boogers. 
I mean, Jonah copies EVERYTHING! They both do! 
Even while they nap. One coughs, the other follows. One toots, the other follows.
I do have to give Jonah some props because he's a much better subject for my photography since he actually cooperates and looks at the camera--unlike the other one... 
I don't know if making faces is hereditary. My parents don't have to tell you, they just have to show you all the pictures they have of me making some wacked-out faces. Of course I thought I was being funny. 
Now I just shake my head in regret. This dude knows how to make a wacked-out face. 
I mean, how did he manage this face?! 
If Andrew is a master builder of airplanes, robots and weapons, then SO MUST BE JONAH. 
And he's getting pretty good if he would just get over all the ow-ies he gets when those blocks accidentally pinch his little hands. I swear I have to kiss them EVERY. TIME. 
And he's not a copycat, until he truly copies every word Andrew says. 
I gotta hear, Mom, look at MEEE!! Mom, check this out!!! MoooOOOmmMM!
Mom, I want milk Mom, I wanna go outside Mom, I don't want it! and repeat each one 100x a day. 
Sometimes I just wanna turn down his volume and tape him to the wall.
But what I do love hearing him say is he wants to color. Excuse me, the boy loves to 'tolor'. 
scribble here. scribble there. take a break. 
He holds his pencil with near perfection (HEY, it's my blog, I can brag about him if I want!)
...and makes those scribbles look just right. 
He tells me, "look Mom, a circle" "look Mom, a triangle" "look Mom, a snake" and they all look like the same scribble. 
My photographs haven't been properly focused lately (need to get my eyeballs checked--damn you genes!), I can crystal-clearly see the shine in his eyeballs and that evil smirk he gives me when he knows I'm secretly staring at his beautiful messy face. And while Mom and Andrew are doing school and poor Jonah's had his fill of block building, toloring and mischievous behavior, he grabs his beloved blankie, gets his big booty onto the couch, prepares his thumb into his mouth and down he goes. 
I just hope that Andrew understands (better than I did) that being an older brother is such a great responsibility and he will cherish being the oldest sibling. That he will be a great example to the rest of his siblings and teach them and help them all they need to know. Is that a lot for a kid to handle?
Brothers forever.
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