Monday, July 23, 2012

Haircuts & bikes

Yes,'re wondering where the boys birthday pictures are...
Well, there's so many, it's such a daunting task to go through them and blow your computer screen up with pictures of the most adorable babies ever on earth.
BUT, I shall have to do it soon because the party was fun. Small, but fun. 
Meanwhile, we are adjusting {me not so} well in Houston. We are finishing emptying our storage shed and hung up curtains--yeah! 
This week, Andrew and I got a virus and immediately started coughing, nose was runny, headaches, ear infections, swollen glands, & slight fevers. 
My poor baby boy--we had this happen to us in the Spring and  am not sure why we keep getting it. Weather adjustment is the only thing I can think of. BUT THIS SUCKS, guys. 
It's taking me forever to get over it--I think I have like 6 supplements/vitamins that I'm taking, 3 cough syrups, & just plain Tylenol. Maybe I'm not overdosing enough...
Let's continue, shall we? 

I do have to mention that I did not edit these pictures the least bit. Why? No time & my laptop isn't really good for that. 
Gary started riding his bike again. He's never taken the kids for a ride until the other day.
The boys couldn't get enough of going around and around. They kept begging "again!" 
We are trying to figure out a way for our whole family to ride---preferably the affordable way--because it really would be fun for the whole family to go out biking in the evenings.
They love getting on the car. I can't blame them since it was fun for me when I was little. 

Anything can be fashioned into a sword. Lego's, for example. 
Apparently, construction wears him out. 

And since we have no backyard, or front yard for that matter, we rocked it Poor Mexican style...
 A valde lleno de agua....that's how we do it. 
 This boy has some big buns. I wonder where he gets them from? 

Today was haircut day. I am the stylist of course. And I'm free.  
Unfortunately Jonah was taking his nap while we were buzzing & chopping away so he'll get his hair cut later. 

We've also been watching a lot of Netflix and using the iPad a lot.
I've been downloading educational apps for Andrew. He LOVES that thing. 
The boys often fight over it--and yeah, that includes the father.
I, of course, am obsessed with Instagram
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