Monday, July 9, 2012

when we were sans home

While on this home-hiatus, we had the sister-in-law house all to ourselves while they pooped themselves out in Orlando, Florida at Disney World. We were livin' it up in this ginormous house throwing things from the top of the stairs (they hate that, I think it's fun to do). 
A pool, a trampoline, enormous TV, Wii, and a fully-stocked playroom, the boys were loving it.
Except that the cousins were away so they mainly fought with each other. 
Here are some pictures of what we were up to.
Movie time on the laptop.
Blankie on the stairs, blankie in his hand, blankie everywhere. 
A baby frog tried hopping away from us as quickly as it could.
We potty-trained, and potty-trained. Cleaned up messes and just kept at it.
Right now, he's doing great with telling us when he needs to tee-tee. I got some training underwear for him and those have been working great. No more diapers except to sleep. 
AND the awesomest store had them too--Walmart ;) I love Walmart.
Fun with the hose! It was great capturing that moment of when they would get sprayed. 
Jonah says, "GOTCHA!!"
We learned to swim too....
JoJo kept attempting to swim, but he's a sinker. And a water-swallower. 
Andrew finally learned to hold his breath and swim in the same day--so stinkin' proud!
Andrew's video of his first time swimming without floaties is HERE
 Spider-leg eyelashes. He was such an excellent swimmer. 
This shark gave us tons of chipotes because some little kid kept chunking it into the pool.
Beautiful skies before or after rain.
Very swampy-lookin' pool and therefore we couldn't get in it for 3 days...
Pizza, pizza, and more pizza.
 Jonah's such a brilliant face maker!
 Sometimes we were sooo bored. 
So we finally got a house and will be posting some pictures up. 
And we also celebrated both boys' birthdays last weekend and I'll put up some pictures too. 
Right now, I'm busy trying to unpack and drawing things that people are paying me for!