Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sun Bright

Sun. Sun. Sun. 
We require it. Daily.
The college near us has a pretty sweet campus. It's a private college, after all. 
I've never taken my camera there since we just walk around to spend energy and get exercise. 
It's a couple of blocks from the house, so it's an easy walk. 
However, it's a hard walk with two boys so we don't get to enjoy it as often as I'd like.
I've had a live-in babysitter. You guys know her, her name is Dawna. 
And she's my baby-sister. And also a free babysitter. For me. Only.
Sorry, you can't have her :)
She's helped me out a lot with the boys these past few weeks and I thought it'd be great
to go take a walk. I'm so thankful she was there to help. Without her, I would have 
never gone.
There's these stairs with "slides" on the sides, and Andrew LOVES to "slide" and run down them.
Everything's more fun when you have someone chasing after you...
...and sliding down with you.
I think this was the first time for Jonah to slide down them, too!
Head first, because they're daredevils just like their parents.
The boys are in heaven when Tia Dawna is around. They love her so much, sometimes they forget they have a mommy.
Water nearby means added fun
Greatest. Baby. Sitter. Ever.