Monday, May 14, 2012

birthday/mother's day

Weekend full of celebrations. 
My sis and I have a birthday 2 days apart and they somewhat coincide with Mother's day too.
Apparently the second week of May is uber-popular with birthdays...everyone I know seems to know someone with a May 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 birhtday.
So it goes like this: We have cake and my sister, Caren and I and my mother all exchange gifts.
This year, my sis requested a colorful cake. A cake we Pin-a-holics have all seen on Pinterest. 
 It was SO pretty and sweet! 
And afterwards, we exchanged gifts and hugs!
My mother is always very specific about what she asks for any occasion. This year she requested kitchen utensils, as the ones she had were falling apart. So we gave her those and some TOMs too. 
I had made my sister one of those DIY earring holders, but she's always been saying I needed to make her a necklace holder. No need because when I walked into Claire's the other day, I saw this and found it just perfect for her. You see she likes purple? 
Jonah was eating Spongebob.
After the presents opening, we headed outside even though everyone was begging for a nap.
We set up horseshoes, had some equipment for badminton, and brand new dodgeballs. 
Mother's Day 2012
Busted lip, but still gorgeous as ever.
And of course they had to give Mommy some kisses....
...'cause they love me.