Wednesday, May 9, 2012

biggest dandelion

The greatest thing happened to me on my way back home from a trip to the grocery store...
I saw a dandelion.
When I see them, I automatically think of Andrew.
I picture him blowing his heart out to get all those dried seeds to float away.
On the side of this house was a patch of un-mowed grass.
In this patch, was the biggest and most beautiful dandelion I have ever seen.
This weed was SO big. You wanna see?
It was perfectly shaped. Perfectly hued. It was perfect for the boys. 
This dandelion was not mowed down for a purpose.
Its destiny belonged to the hands of the Witty brothers.
...and away they went...
They were spectacular, I don't know why I didn't save one to scan in.
Poor Jojo couldn't blow a single seed of it. 
No more. They're all gone gone. 
Thank you weed for being so much fun.

Flashback of two years and a month ago on one of our trips to the college: 
 Dandelions are so much.
When we were kids we would blow as hard as we could. Because the number of seeds left was the number of how many kids you would have when you would grow up. 
Naturally you'd try to blow them all off save for two or three...
What memories do you have of dandelions?