Monday, May 21, 2012

heeeere kitty kitty!

You wouldn't know it but I'm a cat person. I'm not a dog person. Actually I can't stand dogs. 
They gross me out. But before you hate me for that, I just wanna say that I think that way about MOST dogs, not all. 
Our neighbor has the most beautiful one-balled boxer named Jackson that the boys (and I) have played and loved to be around with.
Here's another thing I've kept to myself the entire time we've been here in this house: I've always hoped to find a lost kitty to adopt. 
It's true. I've longed for a kitty for sooo long. I've begged. I've convinced my children to ask for one to their daddy. But he's not a cat person. He's not a pet person. So NO has been our answer every time.
Before we had kids, I really wanted a kitty. So we took home Indy. She turned out to be the 'cat from hell'. 
She even looks eve-ill in this picture!!
Since THAT cat, he's forever convinced that cats are evil and good for only one purpose: target practice.
But have you noticed how much we like to go outside? No? Well, we do.
So we're outside and I hear a meow. I see a cat and it scurries away. 
No big deal, there's always wild cats in the neighborhood. 
Then I saw a tiny white furball behind some bushes and I thought AHA! 
This is the moment my dream comes true! 
...but it took me nearly 20 minutes to catch her...
Confession: why I think this event is so amazingly bizarre is that while I was outside, I was fuming about something. I won't go into details but when I'm angry about something, it's like it just builds up inside me like a ball of fire, ready to aim my anger at anything that crosses my path. When I am in that state of being, I have made it a habit to ask God to take it away. I specifically asked Him to tell me whether or not it was worth being angry about. Obviously He said NO WAY Jose!!! literally after my request because that's when I heard the tiny meow. He showed me something beautiful instead and took my anger away.

Hey you guys!!! I found the cutest white kitten to adopt in my own backyard!!!

Only she was feral and full of fleas. 
No worries, because after her clean up and several full tummies, she looks like this: 
Yep, we're keeping her. 
The best part is that the hubs finally admitted he likes kittens...what a softy!
*insert evil snicker here*