Friday, January 13, 2012

Impromptu, Superman

This morning I was requested a Superman cape. Batman's cape just wouldn't do.
He even told me to get my sewing machine out! I was like, excuse me? Am I to be his seamstress at every beckoning call? Apparently so...
Nothing a little elastic and some red stretchy fabric wouldn't do.
He loved it so much he took his clothes off and ran around "flying" in his tight spandex undies like awesome superheroes do. He's still wearing it now.
He was so proud of his new Superman cape, he was even posing for me.
But this little cutie below just sat and smiled for me, sans cape.
Then Andrew wanted to take pictures. So I let him.
This is what came out. And its only about 1/3 of the total photos.
p.s., Just for the record, I am in love with my hideous, yellow, barrel chairs. No, I will not get rid of them, Mom. The kids love them as much as I do. They will be the laughing stock when my kids are older and look back on the pics though--I can already hear them now, 
"oh my god mom, those chairs are horrible! why did you keep them?!?"
"remember those awful yellow chairs we had, mom!?"