Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting the hang of things...

This new year feels just like the last one. Except when I see Andrew and think about how much he's developed, I wonder if this year will feel the same or if we'll all feel a little more grown-up.
Andrew is getting taller & bigger. His vocabulary has increased tremendously since last summer, and so has his smart-aleck-ness {if that's a word}. There's not a day that boy doesn't crack me up with his
humor and goofiness. To think that last summer we could hardly understand him.
Lately though, it's all about the superheroes: Batman. Superman. Spiderman. 
He jumps off things, he "flies", he makes capes out of towels, and swishes out spiderwebs like it's nobody's business. 
He is such a boy. He has so much energy, he sometimes refuses his naps. 
I've been letting him do "big boy" things like helping me put the milk in the fridge, letting him choose between his Converse or boots, and put sugar in the tea. 
He's been on a "I wanna he{l}p" rampage that you can't do anything BUT let him 'help'. 
He has also taken a fascination with sleeping with Woody and Bullseye. 
He's Superman in the above photo. 
At the park, in a swing, is about the only time I can catch him smiling. 
This was his morning hobby. He wants to take pictures with the tripod. He loves it. 
Below is what he caught with the cam. 
Window panes, screens, and blinds, trees, cars and a finger on the lens is all he managed to capture this morning.