Monday, January 30, 2012


We recently went to Six Flags Over Texas before the year ended to use up some complimentary tickets we had. We've been to it so many times, we rode everything once and then got the h-e-double-hockey-sticks outta dodge...It was December and it was starting to get chilly. 
When we lived closer to the area, we liked going out every Friday night to Downtown Ft. Worth. And mind you, this was before kids, so we were free as birds. Now, we do not have that luxury and we live farther than we care to drive for just a date. 
So as soon as we got our happy little selves in the car, we knew where we wanted to go--Mi Cocina. They have super awesome delicious Mexican food, AND they don't hire white people to serve you. HA! 
Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera because I didn't feel like carrying a huge cam, but we always have our iPad handy. Because of it's crappy camera, (less than 1Mb, for all you nerdy peeps), that's a really bad quality picture. You remember those first cell phones with cameras? Yeah, like that. You would expect Apple to always have the best quality products out there but they failed miserably with this. 
Anyways, off my soapbox, I NEVER ever want to be that couple that just sit across from each other with nothing to say, nothing to talk about...kinda like on Date Night with Steve Carrell & Tina Fey, anybody?
Tina Fey with her mouth piece at bedtime, yeah, totally me. If you've seen the movie, you know how disastrous their date night goes the first time around....
So I always try to be the "fun couple" that are you know are-still-in-love-with-each-other and having fun--for people's sake of observation. I just can't stand to be thought of as 'boring'. GOD FORBID.
We had delicious salsa, tacos al carbon, and Gary's favorite: beef fajitas 'cause chicken is just wrong. 
Several weeks after, I managed to end up in the Metroplex once again. This time to attend a high school friend's first solo art exhibition. His name is Leighton and he has truly come a long, inspiring way. 
You can see his artwork on his website here
My sister and I had art class together with Leighton in high school--I even used him as a model in one of my drawings!
Quite a good turn out, so I'm proud of his first show!!!
After this, we argued of where we would eat. It seemed that we had no choice because the boys had decided we were eating at Torchy's. 
Never eaten there, so I'm happy we went--a new experience never hurt anyone *wink, wink*
(My images are Straight Out of Camera because I simply have NO time whatsoever to edit--sorry)
The one thing I was not impressed with was their queso, I guess my taste buds are messed up because everybody was raving about it...but their tacos and salsa were pretty delish.
 My sister, the beautiful.
 ...and her beau
Impressive lighting!
 We were just having a good time...
My brother, Carl <3
Love their logo!

Also, we love getting tacos for 'Los 3 Potrillos' taco truck here in town. Right around the corner from our house, it's cheap, and MEXICAN-GOOD, what else do we need?? Oh yeah, some cheve! 
I promise to take pics of an "orden" of asada tacos and post on here.