Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What changed his behavior?

Remember how about a month ago, I was pulling my hair out because something had gotten into Andrew that I didn't have the patience to put up with him? 
It could have been a combination of being pregnant and raging hormones and Andrew's fast approaching phase of the Terrible Two's, I don't really know, but I was unbelievably fed up with the kid.
I noticed that he began turning into a noodle every time I tried to pick him up (going completely limp) and that he would fake cry to get attention (he still does that now, but it just makes me laugh)
He also learned how to be sneaky and suck up to me...(yeah, those acts are hilarious as well)
These traits, I assume are hereditary, because there is no way this 22 month old just picked it up from us

:D hehe

Lately, he's been a good kid...
  • He's been potty training EXCELLENT with high-fives as rewards
  • Cleans up his messes that he makes at a meal (or attempts to, anyway)
  • Normally he listens and understands what we're trying to tell him (as much as an almost 2 yr-old can do)
(Have I used my limit for parentheses yet?)

Overall, he's not making me lose my patience as he was about a month ago. So I am thankful for whatever changed in his behavior...

In the mornings, I've been giving him his bowl of cereal while he watches the movie of his choice...and

I came into a room full of cinnamon star puffs all over the floor 
(luckily he likes his cereal without milk...)
Like a good mother, I taught him how to clean up after himself

He then started picking them one by one

and now pushing them into the vacuum until they were ALL cleaned up!

It was 11:oo pm and he was so hyper last night...

pulling his shorts down...

UFC time with daddy
doing an armbar

jumping from his chair onto the bed

thinking about it, going for it!!!

and chickening out at last minute...

eating daddy's favorite snack without him knowing



19 days left...

15 days left...