Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I was being SERIOUS!!!

Now I've been talking all spring how I'm gonna just chop his hair off...it was a mixed feeling, but I realized it's just hair and he's a boy so it should be ok.

So last night, we got in from a super busy weekend in Dublin.

In-laws came to pick up Andrew for a graduation in Midland on Friday
A prenatal consult with Betsy
A surprise baby shower for Tyler on Saturday {pictures to come}.
An unfinished project now FINISHED!
Cook-out and pool time with family...

So it was super hot this weekend and we come through the door of our beloved duplex, and Andrew's head is all sweaty and hot...and I said, "might as well. Hubby, will you please help me?" and he said "sure!"

We knew he wouldn't hold still and make a mess, so we went outside and stripped him down...

He hates hair in his face, as we've found out from previous trims...hehe.


He looks so strange, yet grown-up. Hopefully he'll be cooler now without hair - and not in a sense of social status - haha!

yes, a haircut even in the playset

...last chunk!

So much hair!!!

R.I.P. Andrew's hair...
you will not be missed