Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This is as Spring-y as I get...

This has been Andrew ALL week long! He's lovin' that striped beanie and those shades...
He goes into his room and comes out looking like this...

and he has also discovered my shower cap

Recently, I've been going to yard sales to see what I can find, whether it be a good piece of furniture I can try to re-finish or baby clothes for Tyler or fabric scraps for crafty projects...but on this Saturday, I didn't find anything except things for Andrew. Pretty good deals on them too!!!

he's so in love with his (our) new Radio Flyer trike...which will allow me to go walking now for realzzzz!

his new (to him) golf clubs that he still doesn't know how the heck he's supposed to hold them

I would pretend I know how to play golf, but my husband would just correct me so I'll spare myself...

eating some yummy apples, his new favorite fruit.

...and now, the homemaker part of the blog:

this week I guess I had a craving for pickles and found myself missing fried pickles (even though I NEVER order pickles, just the jalapeños) from Montana's...SOO I called my brother, Carl, and asked him how Montana's fixed them - yes, he used to work there...and wouldn't you know it? They came out just the same as Montana's only this batch cost $1.50 to make plus labor - which was fun!
Andrew would just dip the pickle in ranch, lick the ranch completely off, then put the pickle back onto the plate. I guess he doesn't like pickles.

check out the grease! grossed me out - almost.

some better lookin' sopes this time. man, they were good!

...decorator / craft corner!!!

so these are were our light fixtures throughout the duplex...

...and now they're this! They look SO much better and nicer.

my only Easter decoration for the duplex...
a spray painted Nescafe jar with malted chocolate easter eggs and some ribbon...there!

since I've been following all these crafty blogs, these women amaze me at how professional all their stuff looks!!! I came upon this and decided that it would be a great Easter shirt for Andrew...because we all know that if we ever did put a real tie or bow on him, it'd never last...
it's better if it's stuck on the shirt. 
so here's my version:

...kinda crooked tie but hey, it's my first one...all I need to do is make my little boy some awesome Slim-Slacks from men's pants.