Monday, March 8, 2010

a more crafty and goofier post...

It's been a while since I posted some pictures of my goofy, beautiful baby boy....not really, like 2 weeks...but still. Who can resist this goober who poses so sexily on our hideous yellow chairs?!

At the mall with no quarters and a camera phone....

 ...I can see his face changing right in front of me!!!

 mommy's headband and daddy's hunting glove

 when daddy leaves his vis-a-vis markers, Andrew goes wild...

...and then he BEGS mommy to put this rubber band in his hair.

 one of the few days we went out this week

 andrew has suddenly grown fond of taking pictures and taking lessons from his mommy...

 such an innocent look

 noooo he's not really taking a poop! he has just discovered this wonderful invention we call GUM and it's located in mommy's purse...he did good the first time, he handed it to me before he swallowed it. the second time, well we can't get lucky EVERY TIME, can we?

 a new discovery!!! Mommy's drawer full of cool kitchen gadgets!

 big boy, eating pancakes and wiping clean his mess

On Andrew news, we've been trying to potty train and it's been alright. Not too much pressure on learning at this point, just getting him used to it. He seems to like it sometimes, NOT all the time.
Also, I've been playing the "My baby can read" video and he seemed into it the 1st week, not so much anymore. I don't understand really how bib and hippopotamus go together within 10 seconds of each other.
I catch myself singing the Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes song throughout the day...

Baby Tyler news: I've been doing good so far and been feeling super great! Aside from my ever-growing belly, I haven't had any problems, except for the pubic bone pain from Andrew's delivery and I've been going to the chiropractor for some relief, although I haven't seen improvements.
Also, bought a prenatal pilates dvd, it's really simple and not sure how on earth, once a day, this will prep with 26 hours of labor. Ugh.

She kicks and moves only around the afternoons, hasn't given me any nausea, hasn't made me gain hardly any weight...and I just absolutely LOVE her! I made her a baby book...something different than Andrew's.

Each week is written out on a page. It has 40 even after her birth, I can continue to add things to her "baby book." I got the idea from American Baby Magazine and fell in love with it...
Pictures, quirky comments, goofy things she might do...I know that Andrew's baby book is so stinkin' cute, but it has limited space for information on there, I literally have written on sides, tops and bottoms...
This way, I can write whatever I want, whenever I want and just keep adding to it!

I got a Boppy!!! I'm so happy with it because I know it'll make it easier on me...
All I need now is to convince Gary to let me get that glider from Craigslist...and I'm set for her!
I decided, thanks to my beautiful midwife and aunt, that her colors are going to be purple and grey...
yeah...good luck finding those colors! Whatcha think?

creative news:

Got this at a thrift store...such a cool little piece!
Since I've been in a sewing mood, I made it a cute strap so that we can use it as his new diaper bag...I also put velcro on it so that flap won't open and spill its contents. Yay me!

This has really started me looking through Craigslist to see who has a sewing machine I can buy since I've been using my momma's :(

...also made this super easy valance for the 80's glass-blocks window in Andrew's room...
I have a feeling that it's too simple, so I'll maybe put some car or airplane buttons on the bottom? Not sure yet, depends what's on sale!

This is me again, in the sewing mood. I sewed the bottom part of these curtains...I've decided red will be the focal color of our living room from some red pillows I've loved for a long time (see 1st pic)...
Also the curtain rod is a DYI craft too...
1 1/4 inch wooden dowel from Lowe's, wooden end pieces, and wooden wall hangers, some brown stain and voila! There's my sturdy-as-heck-$20-curtain-rod...Way cheaper than those metal ones that go for $80.
Again, they're too plain. I need to see how I can DYI hold-backs to put on the wall. Maybe also stencil a red pattern on the tan so that it's not too plain? 

OoOhHhHh soooo many projects! I love it!
I've been wasting SoOo much time on crafty blogs, I don't know where to begin!!!

Some projects I want to do in the future include:
  • re-upholstering our hideous yellow barrel chairs (again, see 1st pic)
  • re-cover the baby carrier with a sewing pattern I found online
  • make some custom wall art for living room and Andrew's room
  • find a sturdy and better entertainment center, and paint it, you guessed it - RED!
  • paint and decorate 4 golden chargers that I need to put up in my kitchen!

and the list just keeps going folks! 
poor Gary, every time I tell him one of my ideas, he just "sighs" with excitement...bless him! 
We also replaced the light fixtures in the living room and they are FA-BU-LOUS!
You know...anything to keep my creativity flowing!

...and this is what I found this morning before heading out to eat lunch with Gary! 
Delightful Daffodils...they're tiny, but oh so pretty!