Monday, January 11, 2010

Parque Sahuatoba - 17 months

Andrew is almost a year and a half, I can't believe it!!! Wow-ey!
Caren finally decided to take some vacation time and  invited me to head down to Durango with her. We made the trip in like 19 hours with stopping and everything. Caren and I don't always seem to see eye to eye but we're sisters and we will always be there for each other...even when fog and taking the wrong exit take us about 30 miles out of the way.
We've been here two nights already and everybody's taken 5000 pictures of Andrew. Since I have a kid and responsabilities, I sit here with a laptop with my snoring child instead of partying with my favorite cousin and favorite sister, but thought maybe I should post up some pictures. Dad's friend is a videographer and decided to come over to take a crapload of pictures of us, as well as go to Parque Sahuatoba and take some there. This park has a lot of memories. Caren fell down from the swing twice when we were little and we spent many Sundays when we used to live here in Durango.
Dad's friend, Benjamin, didn't have a professional camera but it's a pretty good one...
I'll stop yapping so you can see some of the pictures.

3 Generations (forgive my make-up-less face, ugh!)

Abueluis (Andrew's grandfather) and Andrew.
This is such a priceless picture!!!

Of course he loved the water and got a little wet

I absolutely LOL'ed at this picture. We Sandoval's are notorious for making goofy faces and here's proof.
Andrew wanted Abueluis to put on his glasses...I guess. Or he was just being mean.

A "jueguito" at the park. He was fascinated by it until Abueluis put coins in and it started going...that freaked him out a bit.

Was in love with his sucker and wouldn't let go of it. It eventually fell on the ground and mommy took it away. He whined the whole way back to the car.

Beautiful shot!

Abuiluis & Andrew

He wanted them SO bad!!!

So I have plenty more pictures to post. We went back to the park today with my granmother, Tola, and some cousins and Andrew just had a blast. All the cousins are really spoiling him because they pick him up and pick him up! I keep telling them he's going to expect that when we go back home, well sorry to disappoint him, but no way Jose little man.

Been trying to fight a cough these past two days and it just seems to get worse. Andrew hasn't had any kind of reactions to the food or water and seems to enjoy himself like he's always been from here which is such a relief!!! I was afraid of how he'd adjust.
I will post lots more pictures later when I have a faster connection.