Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Move over crib - I'm a big boy!...

Needless to say, he loves playing in it, but not sleeping in. =)

Since we have another one of the way (due 1st of July), we thought we might go ahead and start looking for a toddler bed for Andrew. We found one on and got it just yesterday. The process was kinda quick, but when you see a good deal, it's hard to pass it.

The bed is made of metal and plastic...which I already have some parts on the plastic that the green has chipped off :( so who knows how long the "new" look will last...

From the moment we got this bed, Andrew has been wild over it. Andrew even helped me clean it when we got it! It's just because it's a novelty to him, I'm sure it'll pass. Haven't had him sleep in it yet since it has been a 'project' of mine so we'll see how it goes when he does sleep in it.

Anyone out there switched to beds already? Or still using their crib?


Oh and this one is just for laughs!