Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby #2

Yep, we were working on baby #2 for our small family and we happened to find out in mid-November. We told some close family and others just took a wild guess and others found out via an accidental text.

Here's the first sonogram of Baby T (that's what we're calling It) from mid-December.

They gave us the good news that I was due on July 1st (this is a sarcastic statement). Didn't really like this lady who did the sonogram either. She made each picture look blurry and the other ones looked like Baby T was an alien. Gary said he liked the College Station lady better and we should move closer to her. Silly Gary.

This next picture is of my lovely midwife and aunt, Betsy. You can visit her website and her blog and get to know her a little better. She's the most gentle and kind person you could know. She listened for heartbeat, measured uterus (?), and did some blood work and made me fill out 1 billion papers. =)

Here's Baby T's first heartbeat listen. Betsy said it was about 160, a girls heart rate--but we'll see.
(Blogger won't let me post video on here for some reason =\  )

Haven't really gained much weight (thank goodness) compared to my first pregnancy. I attribute it to not having 2 jobs, a needy boss, and a better diet.
Although my in-laws are adamant about building up Mt. Rushmore again (my derrière).