Saturday, June 17, 2017

Derby DIY Cars

This year in AWANA, the boys were both in Sparks. At the end of the year (ish) they always have a fun night of Drive In fun. Unfortunately, this task of making your own derby car is left up to the parents. FORTUNATELY for me, I love a task just like that. I let the boys pick their theme, sketched out something for them, pushed them away, and got my duct tape and paints out. 
And as soon as that happened, Elena wanted her own little pink car. I had to oblige.
Scroll and I hope you enjoy the photos! The boys actually both won medals and were so proud of their mama working so hard on their cars. 
If you think I went a little nuts with the project, you need to attend one of these events. My kids' cars were among some amazing contraptions! We have some major competition! 
Thank you for sticking around. See ya next time!