Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Mural

I love making these posts! Sweet, short, specific, little posts.... I can tackle these no problem! But please, before we get started, look back at 2016 Valentine's day shoot to reminisce if you want and the boys mailing love cards here a few years back.
Okay, now on to a new project! We have a shed in our backyard with this empty bare wall. I've thought about making it a rock climbing wall. Painting a mural. Mounting planters all over it. Etc.
But I figured using it for every major holiday's background would be more fun. 
So here you go, a Valentine's Mural just for fun (behind the scenes pics at the bottom). 
And just so that this post doesn't disillusion anyone, photo shoot day isn't perfect. 
Here are some major fails: 
Major. Meltdowns. Please don't tell anyone this had to be photographed on two separate days because OH
Being a model is SO hard. 
And like I promised, here are some behind the scenes:

Have a lovely Saint Valentine's Day everyone! Cherish your loved ones and treat them nice!
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