Wednesday, February 8, 2017

She's 3 now....

That's right. Looooong ago, I had the most beautiful water birth in my mother's cozy home in the middle of rural Texas. It was literally a labor full of love. Family gathered, held, sang, swayed, and oooh-ed over her. In fact, everyone still Oooh's over her. She walks in and everyone's eyes light up. Her little eyes scan you to see if you're safe and she'll scurry behind me at times. She is the smartest little squishy thing I have ever made, owned, and loved. And today, she's 3. 
She wore a tiara around town and let everyone know that it was her birthday. She loved all the attention and invited complete strangers to her unicorn birthday party this weekend. 
An even longer time ago, I had little boys who were 3 too. Here they are in comparison to Elena. 
And here are all my nuggets that I squish and love and kiss and hug everyday because I can't get enough of them!!! 
I'm so honored to be their Mom. My hands are always full, but never in comparison to my heart! 

If you'd like to leave Elena a note, please email me so I can read them to her: sanlynet@gmail (insert the dot com...)

Have a beautiful day today! We hope to see you at her birthday party this weekend in Dublin! 
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