Saturday, March 21, 2015

the cutest steps....

so it's true. she walks. she walks everywhere. and every where she walks, my heart melts. 
her little feet shuffle, her backside wobbles, and those hands just reach and touch every.thing.
i swear it's the cutest thing ever.
she's a year and one month and a half old and this little girl is so different than the boys. when people ask me how it is having a girl, i tell them it's different. i can't explain it. i'm not even going to try. just trust me on this.

she's a little independent girl. she can entertain herself for a good while. often in quietness. that's when i know she's pulling out all the wipes from the box. hi-jacking daddy's glasses, trying on clothes on her head, wreaking havoc on our dvd collection. she opens up my kitchen cabinets to take out all my pyrex to stack and unstack. or when she's rocking herself in her little white chair, content as can be climbing on and off each time.
she's a happy little being. and i thank god for that.
the only time she needs me, of course, is when poo or hunger or the need for sleep is involved. if it was up to her, she'd roam free all day and only be trapped by loving arms to give her some besos just once in a while.
she loves us. so much, you can see it when she looks at us. i think it's because she knows how much we love her.
those perfect little toes...i.can't.even.
she's walking--almost running--now. her teeth--top and bottom--have come in. the shape of her face is changing and she's finally getting more some hair.
i think this is where i burst into tears because she won't be a baby much longer. but really, i am loving this stage of hers--her personality is the best. i just don't want it to end.
you should see her throw her tantrums on the kitchen floor--hilarious! ...maybe i can get it on video one of these days.
oh and for funsies, here are the  boys when they learned how to walk:
Andrew was almost a year old when he took his first steps
Jonah was already one (and a couple of weeks) before he took his first steps.
yes, i have bald cute babies. thank you. 
have a great weekend guys! 

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