Saturday, April 12, 2014

simple moments

the boy who i thought would have such a hard time accepting his sister, has had no problems at all. he kisses her goodnight. hugs her. touches her monkey feet. and tonight, he held her in his arms and caressed her head. and oh, my heart exploded with love. 
jonah, the boy who demanded to take a bath with his newly born sister, has had a change of heart and wants nothing to do with her. he will tolerate her at best. just to amuse me. but he really doesn't like it when i ask him to rock her or feed her a bottle...
but today, it was a bit different. he was playing 'footsies' with her. it was adorable.
...and then she started crying...and that just ruined it for all of us. 
did your kids ever have problems 'accepting' a new sibling? how did you handle it? 
have a great weekend guys! 
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