Wednesday, November 20, 2013

little notebook keeper

hey guys. i'm not dead. i'm just in extreme discomfort :)
i'm not exactly sure what happened, but week 28 of this pregnancy {today is week 29 for those of you wondering} kicked my butt. it wasn't only this growing babe was that horrible cold.
that cold that knocked three of us down for days. where we couldn't get a good night's sleep or eat normal without puking guts up.
and it wasn't just us. i heard about half of the world came down with something. oh yeah, that's right. and if you're in the midst of it, i really would like to pray for you, because it. is. not. fun. 
but one afternoon, we had just an ounce of energy left in us, and Andrew requested a notebook to draw in. this kid loves to draw. 'loves' is literally an understatement.
he will draw anything on everything paper he can get a hold of. lucky for him, we produce it in-house as well as have a nice supply of it {what can i say? i'm a paper-junkie}
he wanted a big notebook. and i've made plenty for him these past few months that are smaller--he really takes no time in filling those up.
i've said no to single sheets of computer paper and told him he must keep them in notebooks from now on.
i would love to see him continue this love of filling up sketchbooks.
imagine him being 20 years old and have a box full of his little notebooks full of amazing 'good guys' + 'bad guys' + weird creatures? adorable. 
so yeah. guess what he will be getting for Christmas? teeeheeeheee! 

happy hump day and hope you are not battling some sickness!

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