Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

The boys went crazy with the sparklers Daddy surprised them with. I got a lot of blurry but bright pictures! 
from my Instagram @sanlynet
 The hubs felt the need to let me know how much he hearts me with a low shutter speed, a sparkler, and in the drizzling & cold rain. Yes, it was raining hardcore in this picture. 
If you can't tell, he spelled I HEART U (I love you)
And that was our Witty New Years! 
Welcome 2013!!!

PS. I will be posting Christmas pictures next--yeah, out of order and way past the holiday! We just got back to our house after 10 days of being with family. Unfortunately, I didn't take my laptop with me to edit pictures while on the now I have a load of pictures to go through!